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About the program:

For 3 years now, we have been implementing the “Healthy, Not Difficult” program at Kupiec, to help shape healthy eating habits among children. It teaches them how to avoid common mistakes in nutrition, how to make better choices and how to easily introduce healthy products into their daily menu. Together with our experts and program partners, we strive to inspire people to discover new flavours.

Healthy, Not Difficult 2017

This year, the “Healthy, Not Difficult” program addresses families and primary school pupils from grades 1 to 3 all over Poland. The first classes to join the program will receive hard copy education packages and Kupiec brand products. All program participants will also gain access to the downloadable content on the Healthy, Not Difficult website.

Contests 2017

The program will also include two contests: “Adventure Team” and “Adventure Family”. The former is all about teamwork, where the children and teachers learn by using the available resources. The class that completes all the lessons and best shows us how they enjoyed themselves while they did so will win a fantastic trip for all of them.

The second contest, called “Adventure Family”, is aimed at engaging the families of all pupils participating in the program. Try your luck in healthy cooking adventures like the “Family of Testers”. This year we have prepared prizes for three families. How can you win? It’s easy! Collect the “Adventure Family” book from your teacher, and learn and acquire the new skills. Experiment in the kitchen, perform the tasks and show us how you enjoyed yourselves while doing it!

Join the program!

Join the next edition of the “Healthy, Not Difficult” program, which starts on 1st October 2017! Try, taste, inspire – and win prizes!

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